Recognition of qualifications from other countries

There are 3 procedures in Spain for recognising education that has taken place in another country:

  • Homologation
  • Equivalence
  • Recognition

Opting for one or other procedure is solely dependent on the type of educational studies you wish to have recognised.

Homologation can be applied for when the qualification refers to the exercise of a regulated profession. Such regulated professions can be found in Annex 1 of the Royal Decree 967/2014 21st November, which includes a list of 36 professions.

Equivalence is applied for when requesting recognition of a qualification pertaining to an unregulated profession (those that do not appear on the list of Annex 1 of the Royal Decree).

Official recognition is requested for academic reasons when applying for higher studies that allow for the continuation of those studies in a Spanish university. It does not aim to validate the degree obtained but rather a group of subjects studied and passed in another country. In this case, the competent body is the Spanish university that the person has chosen for continuing their studies.

Validation levels and competencies for each level

Basque Government (non-university studies)

  • Compulsory Secondary Education Certificate
  • First year of the Higher Secondary Education Course
  • Higher Secondary Education Certificate
  • Intermediate or higher vocational training studies
  • Artistic studies and those with special status

Ministry of Education

  • University Degrees


Homologation and equivalence of foreign university degrees

Anyone can request that their higher education qualifications awarded in another country be recognised.

Homologation and equivalence grant official validity to these degrees in Spain, with the same academic or professional effect as the degree which is being homologated from the date in which homologation and equivalence is granted. In some cases, this can depend on having previously completed complementary educational requirements.

Applications can be made to the Spanish Ministry of Education the application should include the application form, the supporting documentation and the payment of a fee.



In person.

Homologation and recognition of foreign non-university studies and qualifications

Those residing in the Basque Country can apply for homologation and recognition of their non-university studies. To do so it is mandatory to present the census registration certificate from the corresponding town or city council.

To find out what the equivalent studies are equivalent tables by country can be consulted.

For employment reasons, recognition of studies completed in another country in years previous to the 4th year of Compuslory Secondary Education, equivalent to that of the Spainish ones can be applied for.


The application including all the necessary documentation and the payment of the fee should be presented through Zuzenean.

Further information

With regard to accreditation , in Bizkaia there is a specialised body which can be consulted free of charge for further information and guidance: