Consumer information

Any person residing in Getxo municipal district who buys, uses or receives a product or service, can contact the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC), which is a free service that the Town Council provides to protect your rights as a consumer.

These rights include protecting against health and safety risks, protecting your social and economic interests, technical, administrative or legal protection and rectifying and compensating damages and losses suffered, as well as providing information and education about consumer issues, representation, advice and participation to defend the consumers' interests and the use of the two official languages.

The OMIC helps the consumer by means of:

  • Consumer information about telephony, housing, insurance, bank services, "miracle products", home services, holidays, utilities, technical help and cars…
  • Information about the consumers' rights and the ways of settling disputes that may arise from purchases or contracting services, such as mediation or arbitration.
  • Information about other entities dealing with consumer-related issues.