Greetings from the Mayor

Amaia Agirre Muñoa


In basque, in spanish, in french, in arabic, in rumanian, in china or in english. In Getxo, there are more and more ways of saying hello and we do not want to miss the opportunity to greet you. If you have just arrived, we would also like to welcome you to the town.

The Town Council has set up the resources guide, where you can find information about all the very different resources you may need. This easy to use and flexible channel is adapted to meet the needs of the increasingly more diverse and multi-cultural town.

The guide is available in 7 languages to provide you with accurate information and provide a service that meets your needs and expectations We hope you find it a useful tool that will enable you to make the most of your possibilities in the town.

Amaia Agirre Muñoa
Alcaldesa de Getxo